How Did Harry Houdini Die?

How Did Harry Houdini Die?

Harry Houdini, one of the most famous escape artists and magicians in the world. He performed many acts which would kill the normal man. But the same question has to be asked. How did Harry Houdini die?

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I’m going to give you a bit of background info about Harry by here but if you don’t want to trawl through this just scroll down to the underlined title. J

Harry Houdini whose real name is Erik Weisz was born on March 24 1874 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary. He moved to America on July 3 1878 with his family where his father was a Rabbi of the Zion Reform Jewish Congregation. Harry’s first job was as a 9-year old trapeze artist where he called himself “Ehrich, the Prince of the Air”. As Harry grew his love of magic also did, in his senior youth he became a professional magician and began calling himself “Harry Houdini” because of his heavy influence from the French magician “Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin” and his first name was homage to “Harry Kellar”.

Houdini started off in small sideshows performing card tricks but then began experimenting with escape acts. A list of his remarkable acts can be found at his Wikipedia page I won’t list them here because it will be an awful lot to read through xD.

List of escape acts

How did Harry Houdini die?

Harry Houdini died of Peritonitis (inflimation of the abdominal cavity) because of a burst appendix. Houdini had been suffering from appendicitis seven days prior to the incident that cost him his life. J. Gordon Whitehead a McGill University student challenged claims by Houdini that he could take any blow to the body above the waist without injury. Whitehead hit Houdini three times before he could have a chance to tense his stomach muscles to absorb the blows. This incident is believed to be what caused Houdini’s appendix to burst. Surprisingly Houdini carried on travelling without seeking medical attention for his extreme pain. After his last show at Garrick Theater in Detroit he was hospiltalised at Detroit’s Grace Hospital.

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Inna Tysoe, posted this comment on May 8th, 2011

Well, of course he wouldn’t seek medical treatment. To have done so would have tarnished his image.



Huwtrosky, posted this comment on May 9th, 2011

I see what you mean :-) his whole career would have fallen apart! Thanks for the comment.

nobert soloria bermosa, posted this comment on May 9th, 2011

he died of being’s not nice being rude any time

Huwtrosky, posted this comment on May 9th, 2011

Yes it is a pity that such a remarkable man was that boastful. It just shows what fame can do to most people

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